Semeon Charles

Semeon Charles has always been around fitness. As a child he used to see his mother go workout in the mornings before work and she would take him to the track after work. He would take toys to the track and play while she jogged. Growing up he would see how fit his father was, how naturally strong he was (and still is to this day) and wanted to be just like that. To this day his mother still works out 3-4 times a week and his father is in perfect health. Additionally, in his youth, he saw his brother become a workout fanatic. Seeing this from his brother and mother for years he he began working out in his room doing push ups, jumping jacks, and sit ups at nine years old. Since then he has never stopped some form of working out. For years he was more on the chubby side but always enjoyed working out, basketball, and music so much they became his passions. Tragedy struck him at 17 when his girlfriend was murdered. When no one else seemed to understand what he felt he turned to God and the gym. Being the son of a pastor, he was always taught the importance of being spiritually fit.

Later in life, he went on to become a personal trainer. While working out with his clients, hearing their unique stories, he realized that everyone is fit in some areas, but could benefit from having more of a balance. This has driven him to strive to continue to learn all he can to be as fit as possible in all aspects of life (physically, spiritually, and mentally). In his eyes fitness is more than working out. To him not only is it important to be physically fit, it's also important to have the balance of a fit mindset, strong relationships, and spiritual health.