As a Life and Fitness coach, helping others find their voice, power, and strength ranks high on my list of importance. So when I need to be pushed to my extreme, I enlist someone with the same value system to break barriers beyond my perceived limits. Semeon fit the bill!
Many bodybuilders/trainers understand the benefits of hiring a personal trainer when prepping for a show.  When you’ve committed as a natural athlete to perform at an elite level with 5% of the population, you want to be held accountable to achieve the ultimate success…being better than you were yesterday.
As my bodybuilding coach, Semeon helped me prep for my shows to encourage, instruct, and push me to get the results I desired! Through intense training sessions and nutritional guidance with Semeon, I reached 7% body fat naturally, which I never thought was possible for me!
He didn’t just help me to achieve my goals, he helped me surpass them!!

Maria (figure competitor)

I was always playing the good old “procrastination” game, I would put off working out everyday day. I started meeting up with my boy Charles and building confidence to get in the gym, he taught me that the key is not only working out but it’s in the kitchen as well. Charles got me so confident that on days he doesn’t come, I still go to the gym on my own & eat healthily. Thanks to Charles, I now know that working out and eating healthy is not just a goal, it’s a LIFESTYLE! I eat, sleep, and s*** working out